Adjoining State Rule for National Championship in KC

Teams can only consist of eligible players from up to two adjoining states, unless previously waived by the Bacon Ball Board of Directors. If there is a question if your team's state adjoins with another, refer to the official state boundaries obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau, in the following link. 

Please note, this rule only applies to the National Championship in Kansas City, and the St. Louis Tournament, all other Bacon Ball tournaments have no state rule.

Balls & Bats for all Bacon Ball Tournaments

Balls used in all tournaments must be purchased from Bacon Ball at the complex the tournament is held. Bacon Ball will be selling balls at every tournament.

All bats must be stamped with the new USSSA "thumbprint" stamp.

All teams are responsible for making sure their bats and balls are legal.


Rosters for National Championship in KC

For the National Championship, team rosters must be turned in prior to the tournament, to include the player's name, whether they are Police, Corrections, Probation or Parole, name of Department, and state the Department is located. ID's will be checked prior to the tournament and a wristband will be given to all players who have checked in.


Qualifying for National Championship Prizes

You do not have to qualify in order to have your team play in the BB National Championship or to win championship rings for your team. All teams are welcome. Your team must qualify to win prize money at the National Championship, by having played in at least two previous BB tournaments during the current season. Prize money will be awarded to the top 3 finishing qualified teams in the "A" Flight and the top qualified team in the "B" flight. Championship rings will be awarded to the top finishing team in the "A" Flight, qualified or not, for all that team's players present at the National Championship.


Minimum Player Eligibility Standards

All Bacon Ball Tournaments, including the National Championship, will require ALL participants to meet the Bacon Ball Minimum Eligibility Standards (same as These standards are very clear. All players must be a full time POLICE OFFICER, CORRECTIONAL OFFICER, PROBATION OFFICER or PAROLE OFFICER. The description of these titles are outlined below:

POLICE OFFICER: Must be full time and sworn or officially retired(full service retirement) police officer, whose employer is/was a governmental agency. A Police Officer’s basic duty includes the enforcement of laws, arrest powers and he may legally carry a firearm in the course of his employment. Federal Agents (DEA, Secret Service etc) with arrest powers typically fall under the Police Officer umbrella but it is the team’s responsibility to clarify the eligibility of a Federal Agent with Bacon Ball.

NOTE: There are many positions and titles that technically qualify as having
arrest powers and are legally able to carry a firearm. If your basic duties are
not that as a peace officer, then you do not qualify.

Examples of positions that DO NOT qualify are:
1) A prosecutor with arrest powers and a CCW.
2) A. Fire Dept. employee assigned as an arson investigator with CCW and arrest powers.
3) A judge with arrest powers and a CCW. An elected official with arrest powers and a CCW that did not attend a police academy and is not working as a police officer.
4) A Reserve Police Officer
5) A Police Services Officer
6) Part time Officers
7) Military Police Officer DOES NOT QUALIFY as a police officer. 

CORRECTIONAL OFFICER: Must be a full time or officially retired correctional officer whose employer is/was a governmental agency. Employees of private firms contracted to do law enforcement correctional duty do not qualify. A Correctional Officer’s basic duty includes the management of inmates/prisoners.

PROBATION OFFICER: Must be a full time or officially retired probation officer whose employer is/was a governmental agency. A Probation Officer’s basic duties include the supervision and management of probationers.

PAROLE OFFICER: Must be a full time or officially retired parole officer whose employer is/was a governmental agency. A parole officer’s basic duty

NOTE: If there is any question that a player may not qualify, it is the team’s responsibility to directly contact Bacon Ball and inquire about eligibility of a player prior to participating in a Bacon Ball event. Bacon Ball reserves the right to make final eligibility decisions regarding tournaments under their direct control. Bacon Ball may utilize a Rules Committee for any eligibility decisions.

Bacon Ball Tournaments

Las Vegas Bacon Ball
Sat, Mar 18th, 2017
Henderson, Nevada (Arroyo Grande Sportsplex)
West Palm Beach Bacon Ball
Sat, Apr 8th, 2017
West Palm Beach, Florida (Okeeheelee Park)
St. Louis Bacon Ball
Sat, Aug 5th, 2017
St. Louis, Missouri (Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex)
Des Moines Bacon Ball
Sat, Aug 12th, 2017
Clive, Iowa (Campbell Park)
Omaha Bacon Ball
Sat, Aug 26th, 2017
Omaha, Nebraska (Seymour Smith Softball Complex)
Bacon Ball National Championship
Sat, Sep 9th, 2017
Kansas City, Missouri (Frank White Sports Complex)